I am posting from my phone. Please ignore errors and the fact that it is short.

I am sitting waiting to get started on getting ready for a concert. I have noticed something lately. I have started to become a big fan of mystery novels. I am not sure why. I guess maybe it is because these novels will make you think the entire time with that twist you never expected in the end.

I have found S.J. Parris, Tami Hoag, Anthony Horowitz, and Agathe Christie. I have only read S.J. Parris. I am looking forward to reading the other authors. Please leave comments on any other mystery author.


Work, Reading, Twilight/Fifty Shades

I have been so busy with work that I am ashamed that I have not been able to write. At the end of each month I get busy. It seems like I am not able to do much else. I have to admit that I am finally able to be the accountant that I have studied so hard to become.

I also have been stuck in a book. Well I have to admit that it has been books. The first one was given to me by my mother. She found it at some type of dollar store. The writer is S. J. Parris. This the pen name of Stephanie Merritt. The series deals with Giordano Bruno. I am not able to put them down. My husband makes fun of me for always having my face in a book.

Now comes to the point of this website. I was going to review some books and possibly start to publish some of my poetry. I am skeptical about publishing poetry online for I am afraid that someone would steal it for their own profit.

The twilight series is one that I will admit that I have read twice. To sum up the plot line would be not exactly simple. A girl meets a vampire boy and falls in love. They have to deal with different obstacles that are in their way. The one thing that I did not like about the series is how easy of a read it was. I would be able to go through one of the books in about 3 days. If I get into a book it is easy for me to get through them unless they require more of memory. I have to understand that the writer was trying to reach a wide audience. The author definitely completed this. I would see teenagers to adults reading the twilight series. Even thought the books are easy reads I am glad to have been on the adventure of Bella and Edward.

For the fifty shades of grey series this was something that took some encouragement on my part to read. When I heard of what the contract stated I just thought of the series as a book about only sex. To sum up the plot line a girl meets a rich man with a weird fetus. She changes him for the better and makes him into a family man in the end. The couple deals with obstacles, but they overcome them. I was not sure if it was a true love story or not. I read them and then gave my copies to my mother. These books were again some easy reads for me. I was able to get through them in a few days a piece. These books are not ones for anyone other than an adult. It was an interesting journey to go through with Anastasia and Christian.

For both series of books I would recommend for someone to read. I am sure that I would not be able to get my husband to read them, however I would recommend them for anyone that is looking for interesting love story. Have an open mind when reading both series and you will enjoy them.


I will admit that I am sitting here waiting. I was just waiting for the oven to heat up for cornbread. Now I am waiting for it to bake. My second to last final is on pause while I complete the task at hand. While I am sitting here waiting, I am thinking. This is sometimes a bad thing for me to do.

Sometimes I wonder what it is like to be a famous writer. I will admit that I have written a book, however it did not take off at all. I sent anywhere between the first 10 pages to the first 3 chapters to publishers. All of the publishers said they would not publish my book. After about 20 no’s I decided to publish it myself on Amazon. Needless to say, the book did not take off. I guess that I should have expected this. The writing industry is one that is the most difficult.

I have written before; however, I never really wrote any books. I mostly stuck with poetry. In my creative writing class, the professor suggested that I try to get that published. My poetry is something that I am not sure is for everyone. Maybe I will go back to that while I am working on my masters.

I will state that since my book did not take off, I am not really inspired to write the second one. I was going to have a three-book series. The second was started, but I stopped. To be hones the only person interested in reading them is my husband. There are days that I wonder if I still have even a creative bone in my body.

Despite setbacks I should keep moving on. Maybe I will test out a poem online. See what people think of them. I will admit that I do miss writing poetry. It has been so long. Maybe just maybe I will get a composite book, take a gel pen, and write the way that I used to. If I come up with one, I will put it out there. Let me know what you think.

Coming Soon!!!!

In the next couple of weeks, I will be finally on summer break from my master’s degree. I will be able to have more time to spend on reviews and reading. So far in my library I have many different books with many different genres.  I have some books that are for action, some military, some about love, some sci-fi, and some that would be considered a couple of different genres.

I will admit that the first couple of reviews I am going to do will seem a little cliché. It will be on the Twilight series and the Fifty Shades series. Both of these sets have become popular movie series. The Twilight series has been loved by both teenagers and adults. Fifty Shades series has become popular among adults.

The first series I will admit that I was really interested in. I wanted to know what everyone was talking about after the first book came out. I decided to purchase it as well as the others right after being published. I had to sell the books to a store for money, but at the time I regretted it. I purchased the series again through a local Goodwill. After reading them a third time I decided I was able to let them go. I thought that maybe someone else might want a copy. I donated them back to a local Goodwill.

The Fifty Shades of Gray series took me a lot longer to get the courage to read. When these came out, I was working for a call center where everyone seemed to have started to read the first one. The first look that I ever got was the part of her contract and it turned me off the book. My mother read all three and stated how it was a love story. I did not believe her for one second. I didn’t read the books until I had found all three at a Goodwill. I decided that since they were only $1 a piece, I would try them.

In 2 more weeks, I will be able to state what I thought about these book series. I will not only go deep into the plot line, but also into the style of writing. I will admit that I am not an expert on writing style. I am also not an expert on how a book should be plotted out. I will state that I have taken creative writing classes in high school and college. I have also read a lot of different types of books. I guess you could state that I would just like to show people an honest readers perspective instead of the ones that you see on the books to get you to purchase them.

Please read my reviews and let me know what you think. If you know of a book, I should read please send me the information. Send me the title and the author. I will see if I have the book first and if I do not, I will find a copy. Thank you for reading.